Teaching financeFinancial Education & Financial Awareness are such  fundamental life skills which we, at Distinctive Solutions feel needs to be given high priority across the United Kingdom in education and business, particularly in these times of financial difficulty as we transition out of a global pandemic.

According to research from the UCL Institute of Education (IOE) and the University of Cambridge:

  • One-third of adults in England are unable to even calculate the correct change from a shopping trip.
  • Many adults in the UK are unable to do basic calculations, even with the aid of a calculator, and cannot apply a simple discount to everyday purchases
  • More than a half of adults in the UK are unable to interpret simple graphs containing financial information

Our young people are not equipped with the basic tools for navigating the real world outside of school, college and university.

Our workshops are tailored to counter this issue. Young people who need to raise their understanding of tax and national insurance, understanding the credit score system, budgeting, money management and investing are supported through a series of interactive and engaging workshops. We focus on preparing them for Independent Living successfully through practical examples, drama and 'Money Matters' games.

With today’s uncertain economic landscape, financial literacy is critical for the youth and the unemployed. Critical financial literacy skills will enable them to figure out how much to save towards later life, how much to save towards purchasing a home, understanding loans and whether interest rates offered are reasonable.

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The importance of a positive mindset

Improve and Manage your Credit Score

Understanding Delayed Gratification through Investments and Compounding

Crypto 101 - Learn to invest in Cryprocurrency and Decentralised Finance (DeFi)

Managing Finances through Budgeting, Saving & Investing

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Distinctive Solutions are working closely with businesses who recognise Cryptocurrency is an evolving market. It is very important that businesses teach their employees the foundations of cryptocurrency as the leadership recognise its potential within their business.

We offer interactive workshops to staff to help understand the basics in cryptocurrency. This knowledge helps to allieviate fear and anxiety as businesses transition to incorporate the cryptocurrency space within their business.

Workshop topics include:-




Decentralised Finance (DeFi)

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Distinctive Solutions aim to have a huge impact on society by improving financial literacy in the UK through workshops and online courses.




Financial Awareness Workshops for Young people - Managing Personal Finance

Fundamentals of Cryptocurrency for Businesses Training Days & Workshops

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